Introducing $GDO

The token for anyone who have made unrequited contributions in Twitter, to create new generation of social media, to share it.

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$GDO is a token designed to reward the users who have made unrequited contributions in Twitter. The most important factor is the number of followers, the second is the amount of statuses posted by the account, and we also refer to registration time.
What we want to do is to build a new generation of web3.0-based social media platform with these users. We will create this platform together, govern it through DAO, and share its development rewards. Anyone who creates value will be rewarded fairly on this platform.

$GDO Token Distribution

The $GDO contract is 0x16f78145ad0b9af58747e9a97ebd99175378bd3d

There will be 100 trillion total $GDO tokens, and the distribution is as follows
  • 50% airdrop to Twitter users
  • 20% GroupDAO
  • 20% Team (Unlock linearly in 60 months, the first time starting on Feb 1, 2022)
  • 9% LP incentives and 1% Uni Pools
Airdrop to Twitter users

50% of $GDO token will be distributed to Twitter users.
The distribution is based on the total followers and posts . It is also related to the registration time on Twitter. Twitter accounts registered earlier will get more rewards.
Users have until Jan 31, 2022 to claim their tokens, after which any remaining tokens will be permanently locked

20% of $GDO token is allocated to the GroupDAO, it will
  • Reward users who bring attention to the new web3.0 social platform
  • Support original content producers
  • Support platform third-party developers
  • Support platform content governance and security system
  • Reward all behaviors that can prosper the community ecology
20% of $GDO token is allocated to the GroupDAO team, these tokens will be unlocked in a pre-determined schedule which lasts for 60 months from the first day of airdrop. It will unlock 1 / 60 of the total each month from Feb 1, 2022.